{ hugs daughter-in-law } (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

          Arms would wrap around the slender frame, a warm embrace was returned with a bright smile on her lips. Eyelids shut as the warmth of the others body was absorbed. There was no particular reason for the gesture, but the roseate would never turn down an embrace from the woman she cherished. After all, they were almost family and she loved her.

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{ 再生 }— “Hn.”

Even if she had a point he would not say it. Eyes too would catch however, his would remain unrelenting until reluctance is given forth. A breath (not even a sigh for that required sound) pierced the silence as it was obvious he simply did not have the energy to fight her. Fingers touching the wound, it’s blood seeping onto fingertips while Sasuke sat.

{ 再生 }— “I understand.”

The closest to an apology or askance Sakura would receive.

          A sigh escaped her lips once those words were spoken, eyes closing for a moment until she calmed down enough to begin working. Once opened, emerald orbs locked onto the bleeding injury, hands were placed right above it as chakra around them became visible. The injury itself was not that bad, nor life threatening, but it still needed treatment.

                    “So how did you get this one?”

          That was her attempt of breaking the horrible silence.



{強さ};; “No, I am fine.” Lee replied quietly. “I hardly feel pain at all.”


                    “Hm, alright.

                     Have you eaten anything today?”

uzumaki naruto

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luckily i saved the base colouring, but i rushed through the background and shading and effects again so i could complete it and rest easy uhuhu

their strands of hair form a heart. rightinthefeels


"I will love you till the end of time."