“What if I told you that I wanna be the next hokage, huh?”

                    “I dunno.

                     I never saw you as that type really.”



    { The florist, as the roseate’s best friend,

      was fully aware of the fact that Sakura

      wasn’t interesting in shopping as much

      as she was, but who could blame her

      Ino tends to be quite annoying, especially

     when there’s a piece of clothing she got

     obsessed with.


                       " Well that was easier than I thought

                           it would be; 

    { Whilst letting a wide, yet sweet smile cover

       the entire bottom part of her pale face, the

       Yamanaka pulled the other’s hand closer,

      happily taking steps down the road that led

     to the Mall.

                    “Well, there’s no point in arguing over it.

                     Though i won’t lie- this isn’t my favourite thing in the world. 

                     But, if it means we finally get to spend some time together-

                     then i’m in.”

               Feet moved slowly, as she walked by the side of her best friend. Being by her side was always quite fun, and new incredible things would always happen. Ino Yamanaka was definitely the one who brings fun along where ever she goes.

               A couple of minutes later, the Mall came into sight and a glimpse of a smile spread across the roseate’s features. There were people all around, which was nothing new, women shopped quite a lot.

                    “I might even get something for myself.” 



           ❝             whoops.

                    “—-The hell?!

                     That snowball almost hit me!”


Don't take me lightly!


Don't take me lightly!


     I know… I’m kinda STUBBORN.
     I know even if I want to thank him { properly, }
     I would NEVER be able to.

                                 My tongue would TIE and
                                         I’d wind up INSULTING him instead.

orangesage whispered:

""What about all those nights, do they mean nothing to you?""

Angsty Sentence Starters


                                                                kill me 

                             and end this pain 



               It had to be done. It had to end this way. There was nothing else she could do, there was no way out. He would not understand, he would try to stop her. He would not let her go. And she had to leave.

               She was assigned on this mission a week ago, though it was about to start tomorrow. Actually, she was not originally supposed to go on it, but her help was crucial for the success. Anything for her village. It took her 7 days to gather the courage to do the one thing she hated most, the one thing that tore her insides out- to hurt him.

                                    And the way that she did it was indeed cruel.

               Of course she could have told him the truth- she could have sat down with him, explained every single detail to him and express just how important the mission was. But would it do any good? No. He would go on a rampage, go to the Fifth and demand that she is pulled from the mission, or that he goes along as well. He would do everything and anything in his power to prevent it from happening. And that was not an option. She had to leave, even with the risks. Her Shishou and she agreed that it would be best not to tell him anything, to have him find out after it’s all done.

                    “It’s over.”

               Turning her back to him, the roseate prepared to walk out of his apartment. Running would be preferable, but it would ruin things. He needed to be hurt, she needed to be the cause of his pain because if she hurt him badly, then he would learn how to hate her. And it would help him through the future easier. It was easier to forget someone you hate than someone you love.

               Death was inevitable. She was going to die on this mission, that was it. But he did not have to know, not yet. So, she had chosen to break his heart in 5 minutes, to pull the band-aid quickly and start the bleeding which will eventually be stopped. The heart would eventually be patched up by hatred and heal, be ready to open to someone else. A happy life is something he deserved, and she prayed that he would get. Without her that is.

                    “I never loved you anyway.

                     You should have known that my heart will always belong to Sasuke-kun.

                     This, us, you- was just a replacement for him.”

                                                                          Lies. Lies. Lies.

               Sakura loved him more than anyone in the world. He was her everything. She wanted to spend her life with him, to start a family and simply live her life filled with love. He was supposed to be her person. They were supposed to end up together, to love until death does them apart. It seemed that death came sooner than either one of them had thought. Life was indeed cruel.

                    “Goodbye Naruto.” 

                                                                 I love you.

                                                                 I will always love you. 

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

floribusvirent whispered:

"You never want to see me again?"

Angsty Sentence Starters


                    “Wait, what?

                     Oh God no!"

               Cold chills ran down her spine as those words echoed inside of her head. She could not believe that she had just said that to the other. She did not mean it, any of it!

               The past couple of days were quite stressful for the roseate, combining work and personal issues. Things have been bottling up inside of her one after the other and there was only so much that she could take. She was trying to focus on her paperwork as she was late with it and Tsunade has been giving her a hard time, but she could not do so with the other constantly wanting to go for ice-cream. The child did nothing wrong, but the pressure inside of her grew until she blew and took it out on her. How horrible of her.

               Slowly, she had gotten of her chair and onto her knees in front of the frightened and sad girl. Placing her hands on her shoulders, she looked straight into her eyes, taking her time with forming a sentence, choosing the right words.

                    “Hey hey, listen..

                     I didn’t mean that, i swear.. 

                     I’ve been very stressed lately, and i just lost it..

                     I’m truly sorry, i shouldn’t have taken it out on you.

                     I love you younger me, and i’m so sorry..”


"Their power becomes one!."


"Their power becomes one!."
Their power becomes one!