Questions why she did so, but realizes doing so would ensure death. He is trapped, no way out.

          Casually wraps arms around his neck, holding on and allowing herself to be taken to wherever he planned on going.

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Leт looѕe|| hinxta



     ”A-A party? I don’t know, Sakura— I-I—”


 Pause and rewind real quick. Right before Sakura had entered in the room, Hinata had been sitting at her prim little desk filling out job applications. Level-headed as always, she decided the best course of action for these three weeks off would be getting a job so she could hopefully be situated before school regained session. This was the best opportunity available at the time, seeing as she didn’t fancy the idea of job hunting and cramming for finals at the same time.

  Not that Hinata really needed the money. She’d gotten countless academic scholarships, and her family could more than afford the rest. Thankfully for the rest of society, she wasn’t snotty about it in the slightest; she’d be better described as humble and appreciative. If anyone ever needed anything, Hinata Hyuuga was the girl to call a favor upon. If you didn’t know any better, one might mistake her for an actual sweetheart candy heart. Cheesy but true.

  Back to the present. The concept of parties made her uncomfortable wholly. She didn’t particularly like being around drunk people unless she was also drunk, and that was a situation she’d only allow herself to get in if she were around people she trusted not to take advantage of her. She was still slowly learning to love herself for the things she could and could not do, and getting herself into risky situations wasn’t all too promising for her self esteem.

  But Sakura looked so happy.

  And she’d cave; to an extent.


     ”O-Okay, I guess- b-but can we come back early? I was doing something— a-and I’m afraid I won’t finish if I stay out all night.” Quiet sigh as she forced a small, friendly smile to the other girl; hopeful that she’d settle for the compromise.

          The excitement never faded, though she had to tone it down a bit, at least on the outside. The wide grin faded into a warm smile, while she was screaming on the inside. It was not every day that one got invited to such a party, and honestly, it was a little strange, confusing even at first. Those people have had countless parties before, ones she was never invited to. So what changed now? It was true that she was usually busy with studies while they partied, so perhaps they thought of her as a book-worm, someone not interesting of fun enough to invite. Or perhaps, since it was break time, they just ran out of people to call so they were settling down? Now she had made herself feel bad. Was that a pitty call? Even if it was, she would definitely take advantage of it and have fun.

          Closing the door behind her, awaiting the answer in silence, the roseate walked over to the right side of the room. Her bed was on that side, along with three shelves which contained her books and personal items she had brought from home- a picture with her family, a small pink teddy bear her dad had bought her when she was seven, and the basics such as cosmetics. As always, her bed was perfectly tidy, blanket folded on the bottom part. Sitting down on the edge, she placed her hands on her knees, looking across the room, watching at nothing particularly, just waiting for an answer.

          A part of her hoped that the other would agree, that they would spend the next couple of hours picking out clothes, doing their hair and make-up, bonding over such trivial things and preparing for the upcoming night. It would be such a good thing for both considering how much time they had spent studying lately. But the other part wondered if she would say yes. For all the years she knew her, Hinata had never been the party type. Of course, she had gone on some, but they were mostly house parties with close friends from High School, those people they both fully trusted which made them comfortable enough to relax and let go. This was a completely different thing- college parties usually got out of control. There were many reasons why the dark haired female would decline the offer.

          But she didn’t!

                                                                  “Wait, seriously?!

                                                                   You want to go?

                                                                      Oh my God!”  

          Jumping from the bed in an instant, she had approached the other and wrapped her arms around the slender frame, pulling her into a tight embrace. A radient smile decorated her features, and after a couple of seconds, she had let go. That gave her a chance to glance at the papers on the desk.

                                                            “What are you even doing?”

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            “  C’mon already, it’s a cinch. You gotta  keep
                up. M’ goin’ about this the  same  way  I  was
                                        taught after all.  

                                                                 ”Easy for you to say!”

          She was just waiting for the moment when she would fall. Keeping balance turned out to be rather difficult.



*Runs to avoid responsibilities*

          Jumps on his back so he can carry her along. Responsibilities suck.

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❝ No medic ninja shall ever stop medical treatment until the lives        of their party members have come to an end. ❞

⌠針⌡━ crossover + oc + au friendly
⌠針⌡━ singleship and taken
⌠針⌡━ rps solely with mutuals
⌠針⌡━ 2+ years of rp experience
⌠針⌡━ written by toni

❝ No medic ninja shall ever stand on the front lines. ❞

                                                            i. ii. iii. iv. v.

❝ No medic ninja shall ever die until they are the last of their          platoon. ❞ 


Sage Art:Gracious Deity Gates
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Kiss on the neck 
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Pink Blossom Photography by Marasca Photography by (Vanessa)
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Title: Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)
Artist: Nine Days
Played: 18757 times

Absolutely (Story of a Girl) - Nine Days
This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world
And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her when she smiles