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madara vs sakura would be the most epic fight in the manga oh my god please kishimoto stop being a lil shit w sakura and let the girl fight

how am i supposed to wait a whole week for the new chapter when my queen is in danger?


do you even just glare at a character and go “if you die, i die”

I may not know what your pain is…

                     …but I understand what

                                 pain itself

                                                 feels like.

                                                       That’s why I can

                                                                         understand you !!


every chapter that sakura shows up is a good chapter


                 I won’t even go to the Godmoding of Sasuke and Naruto, like screw that. MADARA IS AFTER MY QUEEN AND HE HAS GOT TO KICK SOME ASS LIKE SERIOUSLY NOW I FUCKING NEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN

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